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On the go studio.

Many of you keep up with me on a regular basis. Thanks for that! So, here is my mid December update. In past years the winter season was a quiet one. I used to spend the days hibernating and editing photos all day. This year it is not quite like that. I am keeping busy and have picked up several larger design jobs to keep me busy. From spending days figuring out website padding to hunting for the perfect vintage props for next season, (and my favorite- picking brand colors for new companies) my life is always an adventure. 

This fall I broke down and bought a lighting kit. This now means I can take pictures anywhere and in any season. This small step to creating a photo studio/design firm has been a dream of mine for a long time. These lights will also help with bad lighting in churches and other badly lit places. This means I can do family pictures all winter long. (Or any other type of photo shoot I may have up my sleeve) Studio Lighting class was one of my favorite classes in college. I am excited to put to use what I learned there and bring it to you. 

So if you are interested in any type of pictures, give me a call. These lights just took lifebulb to the next level of photography. We now can do any kind of pictures. Pictures of you in a studio setting to pictures of you standing in a river in the warm sunshine (or a giant snow drift). You let us know and we will get our creative juices flowing!

Here are a couple of pictures from a shoot earlier this week. There are some fun new props in there too. Enjoy and have a blessed holiday season. I am going to try and hibernate for a day or two. We will see if that happens!?!


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